Admission open for Academic Year 2024-2025.

International Students' Society

About ISS

The Delhi Technological University's International Students' Society is a dynamic and student-driven organization aimed at fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the diverse international student body at DTU. Committed to promoting cultural exchange, the society organizes a range of activities such as cultural festivals, food fairs, and performances that showcase the rich diversity of its members. Beyond cultural celebrations, the society plays a crucial role in aiding the transition of new international students by conducting orientation programs, guided tours, and informative sessions on various aspects of student life in Delhi. The organization further supports language exchange initiatives, community outreach, and networking events to enhance the overall experience of international students at DTU. By providing a platform for social interactions, educational seminars, and recreational activities, the International Students' Society contributes significantly to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students who are far from their home countries.


Shephard Simukonda


Atul Kumar Chaudhary

Vice President

Ashutosh Bhattarai

Secretary General

Aniket Raj Jha

Assistant Secretary General

Ogulhan Kerimova

Financial Secretary

Samir Kalil Mohammed

Academics Coordinator

Alphaus Nkandu

High Commissions & Embassies Coordinator

Ousman Jeng

Placement Coordinator UG

Nabiyu Samuel

Alumni Coordinator

Ssenteza Latifu

Cultural Coordinator

Agbo Mormon James

Sports Coordinator

Richel Trisha

Social Welfare Coordinator

Md Shamse Tabrej

Public Relation Head

Butty Saylee

Technical Activity Coorinator

Muhammed Jamiu Abdulraheem

Student Magazine & literacy coordinator

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or questions you may have.

Email: dtuiss2021@gmail.com