The Office of
International Affairs


How to Apply for foreign Internship?





The University provides opportunity to students to undertake foreign internships/ training or take part in exchange programmes. 

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) notifies the upcoming foreign internships/scholarships from time to time.

Undergraduate students can apply for the scholarships for six months, only after the completion of core courses of their respective programme (refer 25th Academic Council meeting minutes and 21st Academic Council meeting minutes - Agenda 21.15, published on DTU’s website).

Students can also apply for foreign internships/training/exchange programmes during the summer/winter vacations.


Procedure to apply for foreign internships: 

  1. The student is required to check for eligibility and other requirements from the websites of the institutions that are offering foreign internships. In case of any query related to requirements and application, the student must first clarify the same from the foreign institution.

  2. The student may then proceed to arrange relevant documents and application for applying in the foreign institution, among other requirements as may be required by such foreign institution. 

  3. In case the student requires No Objection Certificate or recommendation letter, he is required to submit a request letter/application to his respective department (HOD), mentioning following details, but not limited to:

    1. Name:

    2. Roll No.:

    3. Date of Birth:

    4. Father’s Name:

    5. Category (Unreserved/OBC/SC/ST):

    6. Department and Branch:

    7. Current Semester:

    8. Details of courses attended and marks attained: 

    9. Whether cleared all courses? (Yes/No)

    10. Whether completed all core courses before doing the internship? (Yes/No)

    11. Details of the internship (e.g. Name of the foreign internship and the institution, duration of the programme etc.) 

    12. Indicate clearly if you meet the requirements of the foreign institution where you wish to apply for the internship. 

  4. Once the application and/or documentation is ready, the student may apply to the foreign institution by keeping OIA duly informed (you may ‘CC’ OIA in your correspondence with the foreign institution).

Attach all relevant proofs with the request letter/application to the respective HOD.

The request letter/application must be duly recommended and forwarded by the HOD of the respective department to OIA.

(P.S. - In case you require academic referees, you may arrange them yourself)



  1. The student may apply in multiple internships.

  2. The student may apply for those foreign internships also which are not notified by OIA. While applying to such other institutions, the student is required to inform OIA.

  3. In case of any query, the student may write to: While emailing OIA for your queries, make sure you correspond through a single thread to the extent possible.