The Office of
International Affairs




Q. Where can I get the information about the eligibility and credit transfer for applying in foreign internships?

A: Refer 25th Academic Council meeting minutes and 21st Academic Council meeting minutes - Agenda 21.15


Q: Can I apply in multiple internships at the same time?

A: Yes, you can


Q: For applying at many institutions do I need to move separate request letter/application to the HOD?

A: You can put up only one request letter/application to your respective HOD for applying in multiple internships. You will be issued NOC by OIA for every institution you apply. 


Q: Can I apply to OIA directly for NOC?

A: No, you have to first put up the request letter/application to your HOD who shall then forward it to OIA. 


Q: Can I apply directly to foreign institution for internship?

A: You should always keep OIA informed while applying for foreign internships 


Q: Can I apply only to the foreign institutions that are notified by OIA?

A: You can apply to institutions other that those notified by OIA, but keep OIA informed. 


Q: Can first year also apply?

A: Yes, but they have to see the eligibility and requirements from the website of foreign institutions and you can do the internship only in the vacation (winter/summer). 


Q: How to know about the eligibility and other details about the internship offered by foreign institution?

A: First check the website of the foreign institution for the eligibility and other requirements. If required, you can email the institution at their support email id to know details. 


Q: Do I need to complete my core courses before applying for foreign internship?

A: If you are doing internship beyond your vacation period, you are required to complete your core courses.


Q: How do I get the academic referees?

A: You have to arrange for the academic referees yourself. 

In case of any other query, email to


Q. Can M.Tech student also apply for the internship?

A: Yes, depending on the eligibility requirements of the internship 

*Internship means internship/training/exchange programme


Advisory to Students:

Students are advised to start the process of applying in foreign internship well on time as the clearance from DTU may also take time.

Any application/request to OIA must be routed through the HOD.