The Office of
International Affairs


Please have your travel arrangements finalized before you leave your country. Please carry important contact numbers from your home country and the contact numbers of the student coordinators and faculty coordinators from DTU (which will be given to you beforehand by the Office of International Affairs, DTU).

Keep your Passport and Travel Documents with you

It would be helpful if you arrive in Delhi well before the academic session starts. This will give you ample time to set up housing and become familier with the area.

Please carry the following with you when you come to Delhi:

· Your original travel documents and multiple copies to be kept separately in case of emergency.

· Proof of residency (Your driver’s license or international driver’s license)

· Medical fitness certificate (No HIV certificate)

· Provisional letter of offer of admission (given to you by DTU)

· Previous health records (in case of allergies, etc.)

· Be sure to bring birth certificates or proof of age and all medical, dental, and academic records for them.

· An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses.

· Clothing

o Summer clothing: Jeans, T-shirts/shirts are common (Delhi is hot from March-October, so it is better to carry light cotton clothing)

o Winter wear – Sweaters and light jackets; you can purchase a winter coat after arriving (Delhi is cold in winters which last from November-February)

o Formal wear – Suits & dresses are important to have for formal events/receptions and for interviews.

o Footwear – sneakers, sandals and at least one pair of formal shoes (which can be purchased after arriving).

· A small first aid or emergency kit including items like band aids, antibacterial ointments, non-prescription medicines.

· Money (which you can get converted to Indian currency at the Delhi Airport)


Most household items can be purchased in the Delhi for reasonable prices; therefore it is best to leave these items behind (i.e. kitchen items, bed linens, towels, etc.)