The Office of
International Affairs


1. What type of visa should I have to study at Delhi Technological University?

We require all students to acquire a student visa or a research visa in order to pursue any academic program at the Delhi Technological University. We will not accept students who come on a tourist visa.


2. What should I do when I arrive in India?

On arrival at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, contact the student coordinator assigned to you. On reaching DTU, the coordinator will help you settle down and set-up your campus accommodation. After this, you need to register yourself with the UG/PG section of DTU. It is mandatory that you register with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival.


3. Is there a International House at Delhi Technological University?

Yes, contact the Office of International Affairs, International House, in case of any problem or query.


4. How do I open a bank account?

There is a branch of State Bank of India inside the Delhi Technological University campus. To open an account, you need to bring your original passport and visa, self-attested copies of your passport with proof of address in your home country, passport size photographs (minimum 3), self-attested copies of your visa, and proof of address in India (can be given by your hostel warden).


5. How do I get a cell phone connection?

The Office of International Affirs will aid you in applying for and acquiring a sim card but you need to purchase your phone separately. Please bring copies of your passport, proof of address in India (hostel/guest house), and passport size photographs.


6. How do I get a data card (Internet) for my laptop?

The International Affairs Ofiice will aid you in applying for and acquiring a data card for your laptop. Internet will be provided in classrooms and Wi-Fi is available in campus. If you wish, however, to have 24/7 internet access on your laptop, it would be beneficial to purchase a data card. Please bring copies of your passport, proof of address in India, and passport size photographs.


7. What is the typical voltage rating in India?

220VAC, 50 Hz


8. Do I need an international driving permit?

If you have an international driving permit, you could drive in India. You cannot, however, get an Indian Driving License. You will need original and copies of your passport, proof of address in India, and passport size photographs and all necessary documents.


9. How do I book train tickets?

Go to is external). This is the online portal of the Indian Railways which has a widely connected system of rail transport within India.


10. Where can I make phone calls from?

All Hostels have a PCO service from where calls can be made. Alternatively, you can make calls from the Office of International Affairs.


11. How to make a call?

To make a call from India, 00 (international code) + Country Code + Area Code+ Local No.


12. Whom to contact immediately after arrival in Delhi Technological University?

As soon as you arrive in DTU you can contact the student coordinator or the Office of International Affairs.


13. How to reach DTU from the airport (domestic and international)?

Hire a Pre-paid taxi from the Airport. There is a pre-paid taxi counter both inside the airport and just outside the exit gate. The travel time from the airport is approximately 60-80 min. The ride in a taxi should cost you around INR 600-700.


14. How to reach DTU from the New Delhi Railway Station?

You can hire a pre-paid taxi from the railway station. The travel time from the railway station is approximately 70-85 min.


15. Where to get safe drinking water?

Bottled mineral water is available at all stores in DTU. Also all the Hostels use Aqua -guard (water purification system). We strongly advise you against drinking tap water in India.


16 .What is the essential paperwork to be done as soon as you join Delhi Technological University?

As soon as you join the institute you must register yourself at the UG/PG section, and get adequate paper work done.


17 .Where can I get additional information about courses being offered?

You can get the basic information from


18 .Where can I get information about the grading procedure?

The Brochure available in the UG/PG section gives info about the Grading Procedure followed at DTU.


19 .Where do I buy my books?

For purchasing of books you can visit book shop on campus or Future Point (just outside campus). Most of the books are also available at the Central Library located on Campus.


20 .Where can I buy stationary?

For stationary-related purchasing you can go to shop located on campus.


21 .Where can I buy a bicycle?

Cycle is a good means of transportation inside campus. To purchase a bicycle you can go to nearby markets in Rohini.


22.Whom to contact for Hostel related problems?

In case of any problem related to the hostels you can meet the Warden of your hostel or the House Secretary.


23. Who do I contact if I have any problems, concerns, or questions?

You can write an e-mail to the Office of International Affairs ( /