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Seat Matrix


The University offers following 14 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programmes

1. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)

2. Computer Engineering (COE)

3. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

4. Electrical Engineering (EE)

5. Production & Industrial Engineering (PIE)

6. Civil Engineering (CE)

7. Environmental Engineering (ENE)

8. Polymer Science & Chemical Technology (PCT)

9. Information Technology (IT)

10. BioTechnology (BT)

11. Software Engineering (SE)

12. Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Automotive Engineering (MAM)

13. Engineering Physics (EP)

14.Mathematics and Computing (MC)


The University offers following 22 Master of Technology (M. Tech) programmemes in various

disciplines of Engineering and Technology and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1. Polymer Technology (PTE)

2. Nano Science & Technology (NST)

3. Nuclear Science & Engineering (NSE)

4. Bioinformatics (BIO)

5. Bio Medical Engineering (BME)

6. Industrial Bio Technology (IBT)

7. Geotechnical Engineering (GTE)

8. Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering (HRE)

9. Structural Engineering (STE)

10. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

11. Software Engineering (SWE)

12. Information System (ISY)

13. Microwave & Optical Communication (MOCE)

14. Signal Processing & Digital Design (SPD)

15. VLSI Design and Embedded System (VLS)

16. Control & Instrumentation (C&I)

17. Power System (PSY)

18. Environmental Engineering (ENE).

19. Computational Design (CDN)

20. Production Engineering (PIE)

21. Renewable Energy Technology (RET)

22. Thermal Engineering (THE)

23. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Please note that:

  1. For all M.Tech programmes in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology one seat each is available under M2, M3 (a) & M3 (b).

  2. For MBA Programme, 18 seats shall be offered with 4 seats under M2, 10 seats in M3 (a) and 4 seats M3(b)

  3. For PhD, the number of seats shall be decided by the respective department research committee (DRC) subjected to availability of slots with the supervisor in the specific area