The Office of
International Affairs

Definitions of International Students

  1. Indian Nationals Studying Abroad: An Indian citizen who is ordinarily residing outside India and holds an Indian Passport and must have had at least 3 (three) years of education in a Foreign country during the last 6 (six) years and must pass the qualifying examination (inclusive of 11th and 12th standard or equivalent) from abroad only.

  2. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO): Persons who are citizens of other countries (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) who at any time held an Indian Passport, or who or either of his parents or any of his grand parents were a citizen of India by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution of India or Sec 2(b) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No. 57 of 1955).

  3. Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): A person registered as OCI Cardholder under section 7A of the Citizenship Act, 1955. The student admitted under this category can do all activities except research work for which special permission is required from the Indian Mission/Post/FRRO concerned.

  4. Foreign Nationals: Citizens of all countries other than India, who are not of Indian Origin as defined under PIO and OCI.