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Areas of Research (Indicative) for Doctoral Students 


Areas of Research (Indicative)


Applied Chemistry

Chemistry Including Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bio Inorganic Chemistry, Bio Organic Chemistry, Cheminformatics; Medicinal Chemistry; Including Gene Delivery Applications, Bio Materials, Drug Delivery Systems; Polymer Science Including Fiber Technology, Conducting Polymers/Composites / Hydrogels: Chemical Engineering Including Reaction Engineering, Mulitphase Reactor Systems And Design, Pollution Abatement Technology And Gene; Advance Materials Development


Applied Mathematics

Information Theory, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, General Relativity and Cosmology, Optimization Technique, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Modelling, Approximation Theory, Stochastic Processes. Fuzzy logic and optimization, Algebra. Mathematical Finance


Applied Physics

Nanotechnology, Especially Carbon Nano Tube And Graphene, Dusty Plasma/Thz Radiation Emission, High Power Microwave Devices, Photonics And Photonic Crystals, Waveguide Based Devices, Nanophotonics, Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma, Glass Science And Technology Phosphors, Photoluminescence, Organic & Nano-material, Time-resolved Spectroscopy, , Semiconductor Devices-modeling And Simulation, FPGA, Waveguide Based Devices, Fibre And Integrated Optics, Luminescent Material, Glasses, Nanophosphors, Material Science, Experimental Lithium Ion Battery, Multiferroic Materials, Experimental Atomic Physics, Gas Sensors Atmosphere Science



Molecular Neuroscience, Functional Genomics, Neurooncology, Bioremediation, Water Quality Management, Immunostimulation, Radiation Biology, Genome Informatics, Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors, Immunology, Plant Biotechnology


Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering, Concrete Technology, Cementitious Materials, Prestressed Concrete, Tall Structures and Rehabilitation of Structures, Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, GeoEnvironment Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Pavement Engineering. Hyper Spectral Microwave and LIDAR Remote Sensing


Computer Science & Engineering

Software Testing & Quality, Software Metrics, Machine Learning, Software Reliability, High Performance Computing, Soft Computing, Optimisation Techniques, Parallel Computing, Web Technology, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security


Electronics and communication engineering

VLSI Design, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Object Tracking, Image Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Wireless Sensor Network, Microwave Engineering, Antenna Design, Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, RF Devices, Nano-electronics, Network Security, and Cloud Computing. Optical Communication. Optical communication


Electrical Engineering

Power System Optimization, AI Techniques, Modeling & Analysis Of Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Drives Intelligent Control Of Non Linear Systems, FACTS, SSR, Voltage Stability, Power Quality Improvement, Grid Integration, Micro Grid, Smart Grid, BPL Analog Signal Processing(linear & Non Linear), Power System & Control, System Engineering, Power System Analysis, Intelligent 3 Control, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, HVDC, Power Quality, Power System Restructuring, AI In Electricity Market Forecasting, Wind Energy Forecasting, Embedded System, Information Security, Design Of Power Supply. Electric Traction Systems. Analog Signal Processing Energy Conversion And Micro Grid


Information Technology

Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing, Biometric Security System, Neural Networks/ Deep Learning. Fuzzy- Neural Networks, Computer Vision. Big Date Analytics Web Mining Internet Technologies, Data Mining Social Networks Machine Learning Human Behaviour, Multimedia Systems, Human Computer Interaction. Image Processing, Evolutionary Computing


Mechanical Engineering

Turbo Machinery, Fluid Mechanics, Power Plant Engineering, I.C. Engines, Automobile Engineering, Refrigeration and Airconditioning, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Solar Energy, Bio Fuels, Power Plant, Industrial Engineering & Supply Chain Mgmt, Robotics, CAD/CAM, Welding, Production Engineering, System Dynamics, Structural Vibration, Modeling & Simulation, Automation, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Human Factor Engineering, Industrial Management, Quality Engineering



Women, Education and Inclusive Growth


Delhi School of Management

Managerial Themes Such As E-governance, Information Technology Management & Strategy, Marketing Management, Distribution And Retail Management, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management, Corporate Governance And Ethics, Public Policy And Governance, Accounting And Finance, Portfolio Management, Mergers And Acquisition And Corporate Restructuring. Knowledge Management.


Environmental Engineering

Water Pollution, Waste Water Treatment, Environment Modelling, Phytoremediation, Water Management, Air Pollution, Geoenvironmental Engg., Solid Waste Management And Noise Pollution.